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venezia fc


"We always wanted to go beyond traditional sports photography. Venezia — the city and the club — demanded a more artistic approach, and integrating film was important to that end. I think film is the most rewarding way to express the timeless beauty of Venice, the tones and textures of Venice, the overall feeling of Venice. Moreover, digital photography represents modernity, speed, convenience, perfection, and Venice is none of those things. So working with film feels very appropriate and with respect to the club specifically, some of the same themes apply.

Stadio Penzo is the second-oldest stadium in Italy. It sits in an incredible location, right on the lagoon, adjacent to the Biennale grounds, but there’s nothing luxurious about it. It’s a well-worn relic of past players, teams, eras.

Most of our match photography is digital for practical reasons, but we shoot film at the stadium as well. And sometimes when the scene is captured on film, the nature of it gives a feeling of connectivity to the past and a sense of something that is enduring."

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