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special olympics

Cambrai - France 

Analog Sport went to Cambrai, on June 3rd and 4th, to cover the 2022 edition of the Special Olympics. This organization is the first national tournament for people living with a mental disability. The young photographer were accredited by the event in order to document the competition and capture these slices of life from week-end. 

The young photographers of Analog Sport share their feelings after this experience:

Samuel: "The moment that I will remember was the awards ceremony. Everyone was smiling, even those of the people who were not on the podium and who encouraged and greeted the performance of their rivals."


Heloise : "The awards ceremony of the swimming competitions was amazing. I've loved watch the surprise but also the pride of the participants, of their families but also of people like us who came for the first time to the Special Olympics, it was very moving."


Ned : "At the end of the soccer games, a little boy, Tom, attracted by the cameras, came to us. He was very happy to have won the tournament. He sat down next to us and shown us his favorite toy. When he saw my camera, he wanted to try it and we showed him how he had to make his settings to take his picture, he was very happy. In a way, we marked his day, or at least mine."


Sarah : "I was basically out of the field because I was to hot and wanted to put my sweater down and I see two little kids, between 12 and 14 years old, no more, playing with a ball in front of the gym. I started watching them play and talking to them. What impressed me was their big smiles, especially Rayan's who was so happy to see me with my camera, saying "take pictures of me!". These simple moments cheers me up.


Marwan : " We arrived at the last "petanque" game. It's the first time that I see so many disabled people in the same place. We laugh a lot : during the game,  one of the coach was supporting her players and then a player from the other team came up to her and gave her the finger.


We warmly thank the special olympics association for its welcome and congratulate again all the athletes. 

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