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Super pixel :
Jeu de paume x puc

Paris, France

As part of the Olympiades Culturelles*, Analog Sport has collaborated with the Paris Université Club (PUC), the Fédération Française de Clubs Omnisports (FFCO) and le Jeu de Paume to produce a unique photographic assignment in the world of amateur sport in the run-up to the Paris Olympic Games.

For three months, from the 13th of June to the 17th of September 2023, two photographers from Analog Sport, Aché Issakha and Salomé Guilloret, joined members of the PUC in their sporting activities, alongside several artists (Florence At, Aglaé Bory, Guillaume Martial and Marvin Bonheur), with the aim of capturing the essence of amateur sport in the region and thus enabling it to be highlighted. 

Each artist has undertaken a personal project, exploring sport from new and demanding angles, both within the PUC and in sports clubs across the Paris region. Their mission: to create an innovative and popular artistic vision of amateur sport. Those personal project will be showcased in September 2023, at Le Jeu de Paume and Paris Université Club's club house.

Some photos taken during a workshop day :

Aché Issaka takes us on a tour of outdoor disciplines in the Paris suburbs as part of her Our Summit association while Salomé Guilloret continues her exploration of fencing, a discipline with which she is renewing links following her series on the pentathlon with Élodie Clouvel.

This project goes beyond photography. At the same time, we have organised free courses for young people in the Paris region aged between 12 and 25, linking film photography with sports.

This inclusive dimension of the project aims to extend film photography to a wider audience while highlighting the importance of disabled sport.

The projects are scheduled for completion in September 2023. The Jeu de Paume will host a round table on 12 September, while an exhibition will be held at the PUC on 17 September during the "Formes Olympiques x PUC" festival. The photographs will be presented in innovative ways, invading sports areas such as pitches and changing rooms, in forms such as projections, placemats and even T-shirts printed in reference to the sportswear.

Many thanks to the Jeu de Paume, the Paris Université Club and the Fédération Française de Clubs Omnisports (FFCO) for their trust.


* The Olympiades Culturelles is a multi-disciplinary artistic and cultural programme that runs from the end of the previous edition of the Games to the end of the Paralympic Games.

« Through this project, they take an artistic and demanding look at a universe in which artists usually have little interest, to build a new, sensitive and popular vision of amateur sport. »
« In short, Superpixel offers a nice eclectic range of artistic productions of which sport is the essence.»
« Olympic Games 2024: when photography is used to shed light on amateur sport»
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