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ryan lim


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My name is Ryan Lim, a 22 year-old from Singapore who is, for better or worse, probably stuck with football for the rest of his life.


I live for the subcultural nuances of the game. The crests, jerseys, chants, stadiums - even the mascots, a huge thing for me personally is understanding how these nuances tie in with the fans and the locality they represent.


And I suppose that’s where the photography comes in. As a means for me to capture and express these broad, obscure notions.


To me, there’s no better medium to achieve just that than analogue photography. No do-overs, no second guessing - just framing and gauging to the best of your ability in that split-second in a bid to capture the spirit of the moment.


It’s fascinating to see how the photos ultimately turn out, whether they’re underexposed, slanted or blurred.


All of it plays a huge role in your memory of these moments and how your audience interprets them.


Most importantly, it’s raw. And what better way to capture football than temporal stillness in motion?


Olympus Zoom 800S

Kodak Gold 200

Ilford HP5+

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