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madeleine petit

Brussels - Belgium

Meeting a group of ultras, going to the stadium every week-end, waking up on Sunday mornings for away days, discovering a culture from the inside, living the frenzy and excitement of pyroshows is what I’m sharing with my pictures. Living in Brussels, I got the chance to create a series about a subculture that I didn’t really understand, it’s been an amazing and unique human experience to see how football and passion can create such deep relationships. Thanks to the Union Bhoys and Girls, I got the answer to my main question : why are they ultras ? It’s nothing that can be rationally explained, it’s like faith, and that’s why I called my project, inspired from a fan song, « Ne me demande pas pourquoi, l’amour ne s’explique pas » (Don’t ask me why, love can’t be explained). 

Photos by @madoucephoto

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