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Kasimir weichert

Berlin - Germany

I am a photographer and filmmaker and I am living in Berlin.  My Team is Hertha BSC and I am member and season ticket holder.

The series I did is called “Kurvenlage”. I started the series in 2022 and shot it on the Olympus MJU I mostly on Kodak portra 400 and some rolls of fuji 200.


The idea for this project started out during the corona lockdown, where games were happening but without fans. So seeing games, without fans, brought me to the idea to portrait this culture and feelings that many don’t understand. Right now it seems like football is loosing the connection to the fans, culture and roots, when we look at the World Cup in Qatar for example. That’s why I wanted to show what football culture is about.

In the beginning it was just planned to show the culture around the games and it turned out to become more or less a series about the fight against relegation and got even more emotional.

Photos by @kasimir.weichert

📷 Olympus MJU I

🎞 Kodak portra 400 and Fuji 200

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