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Jordan Morrison

Buenos Aires - Argentina

I'm Jordan Morrison and I was lucky enough to recently spend 9 months travelling South America. While I was there I was lucky enough to take in a couple of football games.


The first one in Colombia was amazing, but nothing could've prepared me for La Bombonera! It was a genuine bucket list moment for me, and something EVERY football fan should experience before they die.


The Boca fans have a saying, "Boca es pueblo", it means "Boca is the people". You can feel this from the people when you are in the stadium. I was worried as an extranjero how my attendance would be received, but the people couldn't have been more welcoming and friendly!


The game itself was a 2-1 victory with three first half goals. The main noticeable difference in South America to Europe is the fans sing the entire game, regardless of who scores when. In Europe we tend to get on players backs if they misplace a pass or miss an open goal, the Boca fans will continue to sing regardless. To experience this in person is truly incredible and I know this won't be my last time in La Bombonera!


Boca es pueblo 💙💛💙💙

Photos by @jodosphotos

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