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The 12 Million Euros "Miracle"

Amsterdam, Netherlands

40 million euros separate Valencia CF from the peace of not transfer one of his top players in the next market. A project based in Asia that is endangered by debts. That's modern football.


Los Ches travel to Amsterdam with the need to beat one of the best teams of last season. For prestige. For money. 9 million euros to qualify for the next round and 3 million for the victory.


Rodrigo, with a goal manages to reduce the debt and, at the same time, the anxiety of modernity. Rodrigo, with his goal, manages to silence the rumors of his possible transfer. For now.


"It's a miracle" shouted the hispano-brazilian to the television after the match.


Another one.


Text & Photos : @ivanzahinos

Pentax K1000

Olympus MJU



Kodak 800

Delta 100

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