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diego ferreira

Fulminense - Rio de Janeiro

I thought it would be easier to talk about this guy. But it isn't. He is an idol who had the privilege of following his trajectory at Fluminense from beginning to end. I lived the story of one of the great idols of Fluminense and one of the great players in Brazil. It is no exaggeration to say that Fred is Fluminense! He is love, heart, and strength from the beginning to the end. Seeing the end of this story hurts even now. Watching a game without him on the field defending the club will not be easy. It was hard when he left the first time but I still had that feeling that one day he would come back and he did. I remember as if it were yesterday, I was in a bad moment of my life, with no desire to do anything and follow his return, to see him playing for Fluminense again was like an escape valve for me. Whenever there was a game it was a reason to celebrate. To see him score the first goal after his return was unique! I can say with all certainty that Fluminense and Fred pulled me out of one of the worst moments I have ever been through. To watch him leaving was and will always be one of the saddest moments in my life. It was happiness mixed with a deep sadness. But I am sure that you left a great legacy! thank you for everything! You are an idol and a gigantic inspiration for me and for thousands of tricolores! You are in Fluminense's history! You are FRED ETERN9. Fred I love you! And these pictures are a small tribute to you my idol! 


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