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São Paulo, Brazil

Pacaembu – Our Football´s Grandparents House. Mine,yours,our, PACAEMBU , say’s the voice on the stadium sound system repeating the familiar motto every time that our host attends to the fans. This Slogan reminds all of us that the Pacaembu is a stadium that feels like a second home to all the biggest clubs in the city; bring back memories to all the fans that once watch a football match in that pitch. The early 50’s architecture, concrete stands,the track around the pitch, the fences once was the main stage of my team (S.E Palmeiras) golden era, during 30 years (50,60,70’s) although we always have our home (Estádio Palestra Itália) Pacaembu was the main stage for Derbys, Important matches, and great finales. Always a remind in my club history as the stadium where we most lifted trophies. 80 yeas after his inauguration, not much have changed in his original shape, for many years, in a time that São Paulo has two of the biggest and modern arenas in South America (Allianz Parque - S.E Palmeiras) and (Itaquerão - S.C Corinthians) and São Paulo F.C always have Morumbi Stadium,Pacaembu became that backup stadium for specials occasions. What brings me to the title of this text, the Grandparents' house feeling. Nowadays arenas are comfortable,modern,with that electric and entertaining atmosphere of the modern game, it's not bad tough we learn to like the game that way to still be part of it. Watching football matches in pacaembu it's a journey back in time. The concrete stands, the old school architecture, you buy your ticket at the box office, peanuts and popcorn salesman, way far of that fast-food chain stands at the arenas, all this nostalgic atmosphere makes you feel like the first time you ever went to a football match, where comfort didn't matter if it was raining, sun, fog, no marked seats, none of that matter, it was all about the game. That romantic feeling that you just travel back a few years in time kept the charming old stadium in the hearts of all us fans and supporters, no matter the color of our shirts. Mine,yours , our Pacaembu !


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