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From the exhibition "Zone Mixte: sport through the lens of women photographers" that took place in Paris in 2022, four young photographers: Khartoum Dembélé, Salomé Guilloret, Najwa Hakiri and Djara Cissoko have collaborated with Lomography.

These four young photographer artists have each produced a photographic series bringing together nudity, basketball, New York City but also the nostalgia of summer vacations.


4 different projects handled with hard work and quality. There were shot with Lomography Color Negative 800 ISO 35mm and LomoChrome Metropolis.

Karthoum DEMBELE  - @__dmlk__

“The series that I present today is the photographic style that interests me a lot at the moment: mixing fashion and sport. What we wanted to show in this series with my friends is really to create an original outfit to practice basketball.”

Salomé GUILLORET - @salome.photo_

"This series is made in New York, I love this city that I find it very inspiring, full of life, colors and so many different people."

Najwa HAKIRI - @xena_la_galere

"I wanted to do a series of nudes because nudity is also synonymous for me with great mutual trust. It is a tribute to our friendship between Lili and me. […] More generally, I strive to have a political approach in photography, and the shoot with Lili is one of them. Taking pictures of bodies is an opportunity for me to experiment with imaginaries escaping from the classic male gauze."

Djara CISSOKO - @itsdjara

“I transcribed “the memories of a summer”. It is a nostalgic series, which retraces the summer of 20-year-olds. I want this series to be seen as a memory, several memories of a relatively simple summer of a young person today."

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